uh oh ...I think I might be missing something pretty basic ....

Document created by jcmcdonnell3 on Jan 9, 2016
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Hi all you FM geniuses ... I'm struggling with a basic issue and hope someone can say something to get me going again. I have a database that has to do with car sales and am only interested in those cars not yet sold. So, as they sell I want the record to disappear from the layout associated with that table occurrence. MS Access allow a user to create a query with criteria such that only those records meeting that criteria appear in that form - that is what I am trying to do.


I think I understand the point of a multiple predicate relationships and have used that technique to create value lists and portals. Can the same thing somehow be used to impact which records that show in a layout or am I stuck with scripting finds? I know that I could (and have) created scripts to "perform find" and filter to subsets of records. The problem is if a record is found then the find is suspended. Lets say there is 100 cars - 50 sold and 50 unsold. If I have scripted a find to isolate those 50 cars in inventory I see 50 of 100 in status toolbar. If I then find (1) record the status toolbar shows 1 of 100 (50 of which I don't want the user to see ... I want it to show 1 of 50). The problem comes next when I press the button I have created to again only show the 50 in inventory. The record I am looking at changes (probably based on sequence number)... confusing the user. I thought I might be able to avoid this behavior by adding a script step "go to Record/Request/Page" using a calculation but that didn't seem to work because the record is a different record number when it is part of 100 or part of 50. What I really want is to just make the layout only reflect the inventory records in all cases and no matter what.

Now I think this is possible to do and I also believe that I am going want to crawl under a rock what one of you much smarter than me provides the simple and obvious answer and forces me to face the soul crushing realization that I'm a bonehead. Nonetheless, I come to you for help ... be gentle.