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Goal description: Show a record in FileMaker, the log inside users. You should be able to register and at the same time show some curiosities.

Problem Description: FileMaker's own action menu is loaded into the browser. How to remove it by mail showing? Or turn off the script, as it contains? You need to function well when you have logged in and are governed by the security / account.

The idea is to see the content, as the guest. You register, and a new user be registered with elevated privileges to access the contents of the file, this will only be able to see all the records, created with the account and remove the sorted records created by other users. You are logged in again.


How it looks today: In a browser hits to the url ---> further you come to the server where the FM index file is a ompekare with the closed / FMI / webd ---> Here you can choose the databases I choose to share Fmi_Sampel, SpiderNet ------> -----> Here comes the problem ...

This page is my web site, which can be accessed through


In FM V.8.0 was publishing integrated now I FileMiker server and wondering how to do this:



<Meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "5; URL = http: // -db = SpiderNet & -loadframes">

</ html>



I wish the same function: & - load frames in FileMaker Server and in which lane you configure this?