FileMaker Licensing for Teams: Purchasing and Deployment Guide

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FileMaker Licensing for Teams is a simple way for teams of 5 or more people to license FileMaker software for their users.  Here is a step-by-step guide to the purchase and deployment process for this new product:


1) Purchase FileMaker Licensing for Teams

FileMaker Licensing for Teams includes FileMaker Server and a quantity of User Connections (in increments of 5), which allow your users to connect to the custom apps that you host on FileMaker Server. For more information, see:


2) Receive a confirmation email

When you purchase FileMaker Licensing for Teams, you are sent an email with a link to your Electronic Software Download page. This is where you will download FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro (for User Connections) -- described below.


3) Download the client software

The FileMaker Platform provides three main ways for your users to connect to your custom apps:  FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect. For now, the most important is FileMaker Pro.


  • For desktop and laptop users, download copies of FileMaker Pro (for User Connections) from your Electronic Software Download page. This special version of FileMaker Pro only works when it is connected to FileMaker Server. You will install this software later (see below).


  • For iPad and iPhone users, get FileMaker Go for free from the App Store.


  • For web users, you will set up FileMaker WebDirect later. This is part of installing FileMaker Server (see step 5 below).



4) Purchase FileMaker Pro Advanced for your developers


Buy standalone copies of FileMaker Pro Advanced for each person in your organization who will create custom apps. Although FileMaker Pro can also be used for developing apps, FileMaker Pro Advanced includes special features to make the development process easier. See:





5) Deploy FileMaker Server


A) Locate your FileMaker Server license key


FileMaker Server uses a unique, 35-character license key customized for your organization. Your license key can be found on your Electronic Software Download page. For more details:



B) Install FileMaker Server

This process can be simple or complex depending on your requirements. The first decision to make is whether to install on one machine or multiple machines. See:


5) Install FileMaker Pro (for User Connections) and FileMaker Pro Advanced on each user's machine

Install copies of FileMaker Pro (for User Connections) on the laptops or desktops of each of your licensed users. Likewise, install your licensed copies of FileMaker Pro Advanced on your developers’ machines. See:



6) Start creating your custom app

You have many options for learning about the FileMaker Platform, including videos, tutorials, and the FileMaker Training Series.



7) Host your custom app on FileMaker Server

Consider hosting your app early in the development process to take advantage of FileMaker Server's reliable backup protection. This is useful during the learning process when you might want to go back to an earlier version. However, when the time comes to share your app with your team, you'll need to have it on the server. See:



As you move through these steps, please don’t be shy about asking for help here in the FileMaker Community. This is a great place to find advice and support whether you’re just getting started or well on your way to success.