Surrender to Fun, with FileMaker

Version 13

    Capture small.PNG

    Here's an open-source, FileMaker 14 puzzle that I wrote to share with other developers. 

    I set it up for extensibility - so have fun with the code.  There's a little SQL in there, and a sample of using a custom Web Service.


    It's based on the classic toy "15 Puzzle".  This one's 3x4 (because it matches the aspect of the Mona Lisa).  You can use your own images and change the grid size.


    NEW:  I added an extra feature.  The puzzle now has a timer and will record the fastest time-to-solve.  (Please Like this.  I'm considering adding a library of puzzles to choose from.)


    Unfortunately, you'll need to unzip the file before you can use it.  (Yes, it's safe.)


    Oh, by the way, I can build serious applications as well.


    Have fun, David