COR003 - Preparing for FileMaker Certification - Cristoffer Ippolite

Version 6

    Cristoffer Ippolite (iSolutions, Inc)

    Session Description

    Preparing for the FileMaker Certification exam doesn’t stop with just taking a FileMaker Training Series class. This session will review all the resources available to those who wish to properly prepare for the exam. Recommended reading and additional study guides will be reviewed as well as a discussion on how and where to take the exam. This session will introduce attendees to the “next steps” for preparing for certification and will point to specific resources and tips. Attendees will also have time to ask questions about FileMaker Certification. (Please have your lunch prior to the meeting. Lunch will be served in the Gracia Ballroom from 12pm-1pm.)

    What you should know

    Anyone interested in FileMaker Certification.

    Products & Technologies

    • FileMaker Pro
    • FileMaker  Pro Advanced
    • FileMaker  Go
    • FileMaker  Server
    • FileMaker WebDirect
    • xDBC

    What You Will Learn

    • Exam logistics
    • How the exam process works
    • Additional resources for preparing for the exam
    • Next steps for becoming certified


    FileMaker 16 Certification Study Guide



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    Study Materials Mentioned in Session: