BUS003 - Improve Customer Experience — Sell FileMaker Licenses - Julie Sigfrinius

Version 4

    Julie Sigfrinius (FileMaker, Inc)

    Session Description

    Do you create custom apps for your customers but allow them to source their FileMaker software elsewhere? If you’re a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, your customers can purchase FileMaker licenses directly from you.


    Start managing your client’s licensing life-cycle to give your customers a better buying experience  — while simultaneously establishing a recurring revenue stream for your business.

    What you should know

    Attendee should be an FBA member.

    Products & Technologies

    • Pro/Advanced
    • Go
    • Server
    • WebDirect

    Session Materials

    • Materials will not be posted for this session.

    What You Will Learn

    • How to select the right licensing program for your customer
    • How to use FBA SalesAssist
    • How to use the FBA web store
    • Learn about the Solution Bundle Agreement Program