INN002 - Integration Innovations with FileMaker WebDirect - Mike Beargie

Version 5

    Mike Beargie (MainSpring, Inc.)

    Session Description

    FileMaker WebDirect — like FileMaker Pro — can allow developers to integrate with the world outside of their custom app. In this session we will demonstrate multiple integrations of FileMaker WebDirect with other services, as well as the methods used to pass data back and forth between FileMaker WebDirect and the outside. Sample code will be provided in the session materials for you to explore these techniques today!

    What you should know

    Developers should have already experimented with FileMaker WebDirect enough to understand how it differs from FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go.

    Products & Technologies

    • Server
    • WebDirect

    Session Materials

    • Please see attachment below.

    What You Will Learn

    • Discover methods for integrating FileMaker WebDirect with other web services
    • Augment your FileMaker WebDirect custom apps with custom PHP scripts
    • See real world examples of integrations
    • Review free code examples that can be adapted to your own custom apps