MOB001 - iOS App SDK: The Launcher File - Todd Geist

Version 3

    Todd Geist (geist interactive)

    Session Description

    This session will discuss using Launcher Files as the basis for the custom apps you build with iOS App SDK. This approach presents advantages in many areas, such as: building your custom apps, connecting them to different FileMaker Servers, managing updates, and performing data backups and syncing. It also encourages modular design, and can deliver custom apps that perform reliably and securely under a wide range of use cases.

    What you should know

    Attendees should be familiar with building and designing FileMaker Go custom apps. Experimenting with the iOS App SDK is encouraged but not required.

    Products & Technologies

    • Go
    • Server

    Session Materials

    • Materials ARE Available for this session. See attachments below.

    What You Will Learn

    • The key differences between a custom app running in FileMaker Go and a native iOS app built with the iOS App SDK
    • Techniques for updating schema and migrating data in custom apps built with the iOS App SDK
    • Techniques for syncing data for custom apps that have to work offline
    • A simple strategy that makes connecting to servers and upgrading applications easy