INN003 - E-Payments in FileMaker apps - Mike Beargie

Version 3

    Mike Beargie (MainSpring, Inc.)

    Session Description

    Integrating payment acceptance into your custom apps is a great way to take your FileMaker development to the next level. Many developers consider it beyond their reach, either due to security concerns or the thought that API-based methods will be complicated and confusing to use. However, with the variety of products, methods and examples now available, any developer can integrate payments successfully.

    What you should know

    Basic FileMaker development knowledge is all that’s required. Experience with plug-ins, Web Viewers, and Custom Web Publishing could be helpful but is not required.

    Products & Technologies

    • Pro/Advanced
    • Go
    • WebDirect
    • Server

    Session Materials

    • Please see attachment below.

    What You Will Learn

    • Learn the different methods for accepting payments in your custom app
    • Explore the numerous products available for easy and instant integration
    • Mitigate security risks with smart planning and existing secure solutions
    • Take credit card payments to go with FileMaker Go payment solutions