DES002 - The Math of Visual Design - Alexis Allen

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    Session Description

    Many developers think that visual design must be done “by eye.” In fact, it is built upon a foundation of mathematical rules that describe it precisely. Skilled designers have internalized these rules to the point that they are second nature.


    Understanding the mathematical foundations of these rules — and how and when to apply them — can build your confidence and improve your work, whether you have “the eye for it” or not.

    What you should know

    Some experience designing FileMaker layouts is helpful but not necessary.

    Products & Technologies

    • Pro/Advanced
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    • WebDirect

    Session Materials

    • Please see attachment below.

    What You Will Learn

    • The mathematical foundations of and reasons for several visual design concepts
    • How to calculate the formulas for those concepts
    • How to identify opportunities to apply these concepts when creating a design
    • How to diagnose design weaknesses resulting from failing to apply the formulas