COR014 - Security and the Cloud - Rosemary Tietge

Version 6

    Rosemary Tietge (FileMaker, Inc.)

    Session Description

    More and more people are starting to host their FileMaker apps in the cloud. While this offers many benefits, it's important to understand the security landscape when data moves outside of your direct control.


    This session will provide an overview of cloud security issues, outline best practices for deploying custom apps in the cloud, and compare security concerns between cloud and on-premise deployments.

    What you should know

    Attendees will benefit most from this session if they have thought about their business interests in the cloud.

    Products & Technologies

    • Server
    • Pro/Advanced
    • Go
    • WebDirect

    Session Materials

    • Below.

    What You Will Learn

    • Security questions data owners should ask cloud service providers
    • Regulatory compliance issues
    • Trans-national border data flow and data storage issues
    • Leveraging FileMaker Platform security features in the cloud