BUS005 - Selling Design - Emory Brown

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    Emory Brown (DB Services)

    Session Description

    Good design does not sell itself. As a FileMaker developer or designer, you must not only be able to build great custom apps, you must also be able to identify and explain how your custom app will enhance your client’s business.


    During this session, you will learn effective ways to present your work to clients and internal teams. Learn how to pitch design concepts so that your customers appreciate their value.

    What you should know

    This session is targeted at developers and designers who are releasing (or preparing to release) high-quality, well-designed custom apps for the FileMaker Platform.

    Products & Technologies

    • Pro/Advanced
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    Session Materials

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    What You Will Learn

    • Overcoming common obstacles you may face when selling your designs
    • Explaining design decisions to clients
    • Analyzing a client’s needs and demonstrating where the FileMaker Platform can add the most value
    • Sharing anecdotes from my own sales experience