COR008 - The Joy of Self-Updating Front-End Custom Apps - Katherine Russell

Version 4

    Katherine Russell (NightWing Enterprises)

    Session Description

    When you distribute a front-end custom app that lets your users access remote FileMaker data, how do keep it updated? What if it could update itself?


    This session will explore this strategy. We'll focus on detecting when a new version is available, establishing dynamic export paths, managing the timing and dependencies of closing and opening files, and handling errors appropriately. Come learn how automatic remote system updates can reduce the pain of a repeated process and give you and your users peace of mind!

    What you should know

    Intermediate skill with FileMaker scripting

    Products & Technologies

    • Pro/Advanced
    • Go
    • Server

    Session Materials

    • Please see the attachment below.

    What You Will Learn

    • Benefits and challenges of using a remote interface file to access data hosted on one or more FileMaker Servers
    • Using FileMaker scripts and techniques to automate all aspects of updating a remote interface file
    • Options for providing graceful error handling and user feedback throughout an automated update process
    • Innovative methods for managing dependencies throughout a remote update, and controlling the sequencing/timing of events