COR010 - Powerful Event Management with Perform Script on Server - Jonn Howell

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Jonn Howell (DataExperience, Inc.)

Session Description

Discover how to manage numerous, complex and concurrent scripted events across the FileMaker Platform, moving many processes into the background using Perform Script on Server and FileMaker Server script schedules. Learn how to develop a script events management queue, how to manage asynchronous events, and how to optimize performance on update procedures. Then take home the core code for building an events queue and logging management system of your own.

What you should know

FileMaker Pro scripting, FileMaker Server script schedules, relational design, Relationships Graph management, portals, interface design

Products & Technologies

  • Pro/Advanced
  • Server
  • WebDirect

Session Materials

  • Please see the attachment(s) below. Please note: Updates will be posted DURING the conference.
  • The materials in this session are shared with the session COR011.
  • The demo files have some videos removed, in order to allow upload with limited drive space.
  • The zipped files have all content.
  • Some of the views, on demo files, will NOT be accessible unless you load the files properly onto FileMaker Server.
  • Instructions on how to upload these files are described in the presentation, built into the COR010 TRIM file.
  • Optimized files for viewing on iPad were published on Wednesday, August 3 2016.


What You Will Learn

  • Integrating events management for asynchronous scripted actions
  • Optimizing performance of your system by combining Perform Script on Server and FileMaker Server script schedules
  • Managing and reviewing record specific or system events — with an example file to help!
  • Improving the activity capacity and professionalism of your deployments to clients
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