DES007 - Executing Design: From Ideas to Actions - Chih Hsiao

Version 11

    Chih Hsiao (FileMaker, Inc.)

    Session Description

    How do you incorporate design into your day-to‐day development activities? Design is not an afterthought but an ongoing practice of planning, testing, and validating your ideas.


    In this session, we will look at examples that demonstrate key checkpoints, deliverables, and testing methods throughout the development cycle, as well as a scope-driven strategy to help you improve the quality and efficiency of your design output.

    What you should know

    No prior development knowledge required. This session is open to anyone who is interested in user experiene, design process and development management.

    What You Will Learn


    • A fresh look to design management and the development process
    • A scope-driven execution strategy of design
    • Usability testing methods
    • Design output and quality goals
    • Attributes of good UX

    Session material PDF updated 7/20