MOB006 - Deploying and Configuring Mobile Custom Apps using MDM - Nick Amundsen

Version 5

    Nick Amundsen (JAMF Software)

    Session Description

    Mobile custom apps offer the best opportunity for developers and IT leaders to transform the organizations they serve. Apple provides the best ecosystem for these custom apps, providing coordinated hardware, software, and services that benefit users, developers, and IT managers.


    Arming yourself with the knowledge of how mobile device and app deployment works within the Apple ecosystem puts you ahead of the crowd. In this presentation, Nick Amundsen and John Miller from JAMF Software will show how mobile device management (MDM) is used to deploy, configure, and secure mobile custom apps.

    What you should know

    Familiarization with Profile Manager, Apple Configurator, and the Managed App Configuration Developer Documentation is helpful, but not required.

    Session Materials

    • See below for attachment.

    What You Will Learn

    • iPad in business is growing, and industry-specific custom apps are the largest opportunity.
    • Increased growth in business will drive the need for improved device management.
    • Apple provides frameworks and services that enable an unparalleled user experience for App Developers, IT Administrators, and End Users.
    • JAMF Software provides the best-of-breed Apple Device Management tools to enable you and your customers to take advantage of Apple's frameworks and services.