DevCon 2016 Sessions by Date

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Monday July 18

TrackStartEndSession TitleSurveyMaterialsVideo
Training Day8:30 am5:30 pmFileMaker Training Series: Beginner Training 101EvaluateView
Training Day8:30 am5:30 pmFileMaker Training Series: Intermediate Training 201EvaluateView
Training Day8:30 am5:30 pmFileMaker Training Series: Intermediate Training 202EvaluateView
Training Day8:30 am5:30 pmFileMaker Training Series: Advanced Training 301EvaluateView
General3:30 pm4:30 pmDevCon OrientationEvaluate
Special Interest3:30 pm5:30 pmCWP User Group MeetingEvaluate
Special Interest4:00 pm5:00 pmLatin America Welcome ReceptionEvaluate
Special Interest4:00 pm5:00 pmEMEIA Welcome ReceptionEvaluate
Special Interest4:00 pm5:00 pmJapan Welcome ReceptionEvaluate
General4:30 pm5:30 pmFileMaker Developer Challenge: Meet the NonprofitsEvaluate
General6:00 pm7:30 pmOpening KeynoteEvaluate
General7:30 pm9:30 pmWelcome ReceptionEvaluate


Tuesday July 19

TrackStartEndSession TitleSurveyMaterialsVideo
Special Interest6:30 am7:15 amYogaEvaluate
General8:00 am5:00 pmAsk the ExpertsEvaluate
Core9:00 am10:15 amGeneral SessionEvaluateViewView
Business10:45 am12:00 pmDeveloping a Sales ProcessEvaluateViewView
Core10:45 am12:00 pmGeneral Session Follow-upEvaluateViewView
Design10:45 am12:00 pmIntroduction to the UI Design ProcessEvaluateViewView
Innovation10:45 am12:00 pmE-Payments in FileMaker appsEvaluateViewView
Vendor Demo10:45 am12:00 pmSync Is Not a ProductEvaluateView
Vendor Demo10:45 am12:00 pmWait a Minute, Is That Really FileMaker?EvaluateView
Web10:45 am12:00 pmPrepare Your Custom App for FileMaker WebDirectEvaluateViewView
Core12:00 pm2:00 pmLuncheon: Preparing for FileMaker CertificationEvaluateView
General12:00 pm2:00 pmLuncheon: International AttendeesEvaluate
General12:00 pm2:00 pmFileMaker Developer Challenge: Lunchtime Q & AEvaluate
Business2:00 pm3:15 pmTransform Yourself from a Developer into a ConsultantEvaluateViewView
Core2:00 pm3:15 pmDeploying FileMaker Server with Amazon Web Services EC2EvaluateViewView
Design2:00 pm3:15 pmExecuting Design: from Ideas to ActionsEvaluateViewView
Mobility2:00 pm3:15 pmFileMaker iOS App SDKEvaluateViewView
Vendor Demo2:00 pm3:15 pmiOS App SDK for the Rest of UsEvaluateView
Vendor Demo2:00 pm3:15 pmTake Your Custom App to the Next Level with Integration Awesomeness!EvaluateView
Web2:00 pm3:15 pmJavaScript is Eating the WorldEvaluateViewView
Business3:45 pm5:00 pmBoost Your Business with Your Own FileMaker Hosting ServiceEvaluateViewView
Core3:45 pm5:00 pmSecurity and the CloudEvaluateViewView
Design3:45 pm5:00 pmThe Grid System: Structure, Efficiency, and ClarityEvaluateViewView
Innovation3:45 pm5:00 pmFileMaker Go and iOS Apps: One-Step IntegrationEvaluateViewView
Innovation3:45 pm5:00 pmVery Rapid Development with Data-Driven SchemaEvaluateViewView
Vendor Demo3:45 pm5:00 pmHosting Custom Apps — Made SimpleEvaluateView
Vendor Demo3:45 pm5:00 pmIntegrating Your Custom Apps with the FacetPhone Business Phone SystemEvaluateView
General5:00 pm6:00 pmFileMaker Developer Challenge: Work SessionEvaluate
General7:00 pm8:00 pmFileMaker Business Alliance KeynoteEvaluate
General8:00 pm9:00 pmFileMaker Business Alliance Networking ReceptionEvaluate


Wednesday July 20

TrackStartEndSession TitleSurveyMaterialsVideo
Special Interest6:30 am7:015amYogaEvaluate
General8:00 am5:00 pmAsk the ExpertsEvaluate
Business9:00 am10:15 amWhy Join the FileMaker Business Alliance?EvaluateViewView
Core9:00 am10:15 amBuilding Developer-Friendly Custom AppsEvaluateView
Core9:00 am10:15 amDesigning for WAN PerformanceEvaluateView
Mobility9:00 am10:15 amiOS App SDK: The Launcher FileEvaluateViewView
Vendor Demo9:00 am10:15 amFileMaker as a Powerful ERP SystemEvaluateView
Vendor Demo9:00 am10:15 amSyncServer Pro: Bulletproof Your DataEvaluateView
Web9:00 am10:15 amFMoT: The FileMaker of ThingsEvaluateViewView
Business10:45 am12:00 pmImprove Customer Experience — Sell FileMaker LicensesEvaluateView
Core10:45 am12:00 pmCryptography, SSL, and the FileMaker PlatformEvaluateView
Design10:45 am12:00 pmThe Math of Visual DesignEvaluateViewView
Innovation10:45 am12:00 pmIntegration Innovations with FileMaker WebDirectEvaluateViewView
Mobility10:45 am12:00 pmDeploying and Configuring Mobile Custom Apps using MDMEvaluateViewView
Vendor Demo10:45 am12:00 pmPerformance, Collaboration and Insight with InspectorProEvaluateView
Vendor Demo10:45 am12:00 pmTake It to the Next Level: 3 Strategies to Advance Your Custom AppEvaluateView
General12:00 pm2:00 pmLuncheon: Medical IT ProfessionalsEvaluateView
General12:00 pm2:00 pmLuncheon: Women of FileMakerEvaluate
General12:00 pm2:00 pmFileMaker Developer Challenge: Lunchtime Q & AEvaluate
Business1:00 pm2:00 pmK-12 Discussion GroupEvaluateView
Business2:00 pm3:15 pmFileMaker Apps in Complex IT EnvironmentsEvaluateViewView
Business2:00 pm3:15 pmPositioning: Pigeonhole YourselfEvaluateViewView
Core2:00 pm3:15 pmSpeedy Server-Side Data Import TechniquesEvaluateView
Mobility2:00 pm3:15 pmSyncing Scenarios for Mobile Custom AppsEvaluateViewView
Special Interest2:00 pm3:30 pmLatin America Business Year in Review and Roundtable DIscussionEvaluate
Vendor Demo2:00 pm3:15 pmExcelisys: Tantalizing Tips-n-Tricks from the TrenchesEvaluateView
Vendor Demo2:00 pm3:15 pmFMPerception: Instantly See and Search the Entire Structure of Your FileMaker SystemEvaluateView
Web2:00 pm3:15 pmUnder the Hood: Maximizing FileMaker WebDirect ScalabilityEvaluateViewView
Business3:45 pm5:00 pmThe 10-Hour ProjectEvaluateViewView
Core3:45 pm5:00 pmUnder the Hood: Draco Database EngineEvaluateView
Core3:45 pm5:00 pmRelationships Graph Techniques: Which is Best — and When?EvaluateView
Design3:45 pm5:00 pmFrictionless UX Hacks: No Programming RequiredEvaluateViewView
Innovation3:45 pm5:00 pmCustom Validations with ESS Data SourcesEvaluateViewView
Vendor Demo3:45 pm5:00 pmDo the unSYNCable: Sync FileMaker in Ways You Never Thought PossibleEvaluateView
Vendor Demo3:45 pm5:00 pmEasy to add Calendar Scheduling to Your app: soSIMPLE yet so PowerfulEvaluateView
General5:00 pm6:00 pmFileMaker Developer Challenge: Work SessionEvaluate
General6:30 pm10:00 pmAttendee Dinner PartyEvaluate


Thursday July 21

TrackStartEndSession TitleSurveyMaterialsVideo
Special Interest6:30 am7:15 amYogaEvaluate
General8:00 am5:00 pmAsk the ExpertsEvaluate
Business9:00 am10:15 amCreating Marketing Content: Showcase Your BusinessEvaluateViewView
Core9:00 am10:15 amUnder the Hood: Server PerformanceEvaluateView
Core9:00 am10:15 amAdvanced Reporting and Dashboard TechniquesEvaluateView
Mobility9:00 am10:15 amBuilding a High-Performance Mobile Custom AppEvaluateViewView
Vendor Demo9:00 am10:15 amPower-Up Your Databases with Plug-In Power from TroiEvaluateView
Vendor Demo9:00 am10:15 amPlug-Ins and Server-Side ScriptingEvaluateView
Web9:00 am10:15 amManage Cloud Productivity Tools with Web Services and a Custom AppEvaluateViewView
Business10:45 am12:00 pmDistributing Marketing Content: Leverage Your AdvocatesEvaluateViewView
Core10:45 am12:00 pmThe Joy of Self-Updating Front-End Custom AppsEvaluateView
Core10:45 am12:00 pmPowerful Event Management with Perform Script on ServerEvaluateView
Design10:45 am12:00 pmDesigning in Tight Spaces: Techniques for Mobile Custom AppsEvaluateViewView
Innovation10:45 am12:00 pmDesigning DevCon2Go for FileMaker Go 15EvaluateViewView
Vendor Demo10:45 am12:00 pmMBS FileMaker Plugin IntroductionEvaluateView
Vendor Demo10:45 am12:00 pmIntroducing the Actual ESS AdapterEvaluateView
Business2:00 pm3:15 pmManage Your Entire Business with One Dashboard AppEvaluateViewView
Business2:00 pm3:15 pmSelling DesignEvaluateViewView
Core2:00 pm3:15 pmUnder the Hood: PSR Benchmarking MethodologyEvaluateView
Mobility2:00 pm3:15 pmDesigning Custom Apps for iOS: Best PracticesEvaluateViewView
Vendor Demo2:00 pm3:15 pmFresh Audit and Optimization Case StudiesEvaluateView
Vendor Demo2:00 pm3:15 pmMark UP Your Custom APPEvaluateView
Web2:00 pm3:15 pmPanel: FileMaker WebDirect SuccessesEvaluateViewView
Business3:45 pm5:00 pmStarting A FileMaker Vertical Custom App Company — Dream and RealityEvaluateViewView
Business3:45 pm5:00 pmPanel: Attracting New Developers to the FileMaker PlatformEvaluateViewView
Core3:45 pm5:00 pmIntroduction to Script WorkspaceEvaluateView
Core3:45 pm5:00 pmDon't Host that File — Audit it First!EvaluateView
Design3:45 pm5:00 pmUser Experience vs. UsabilityEvaluateViewView
Vendor Demo3:45 pm5:00 pmCloud VoIP Telephony Integration, SimplifiedEvaluateView
General5:30 pm6:30 pmClosing SessionEvaluate