ALL: Please help out Ronnie Rios!

Version 1

    Hi all --

    Andy LeCates just walked me through his portion of the Opening Keynote. It's beautiful -- the focus being purpose-driven work.


    Now speaker Ronnie Rios has expressed a strong interest in incorporating the Developer Challenge into his session on Wednesday. He writes:


    "To help increase word-of-mouth exposure and peak interest in the Developer Challenge, I’d like to show a sneak preview of your work, in the form of screenshots of the projects all of you are building."


    These screenshots will be shown during the session The 10 Hour Project on Wednesday, July 20th at 3:45 PM in Mont Royal 1.


    If you're willing to share a glimpse of your work, please send a message to Ronnie  here in the FileMaker Community.


    Please provide:


    • Your team name (or number if you don't have a name yet)
    • The name of the nonprofit you're helping
    • 1-2 screenshots of your app-in-progress


    To give the teams to most amount of time and to present it as “live” as possible, screenshots should be sent on Wednesday morning, no later than 11:00 AM.




    Ronnie and Mark