VEN013 - Wait a Minute, Is That Really FileMaker? - Joe Scarpetta

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Joe Scarpetta (The Scarpetta Group)

Vendor Session Description

There are so many cool and incredible ways to solve both simple and complex problems with the FileMaker Platform. When designing a solution for a client you will need to address many details such as interface design, experience design, data structuring, scripting, integrations, and web programming (jQuery, Google Mapping).

Our core product, Jarvis CRM / Business Solution, addresses these details and contains numerous other custom features as well. Join us as we go under the hood with Jarvis CRM so that you can see the the techniques used to develop it can make life easier and more profitable for you and your clients! The web viewer is an integral part to much of our work, so just wait till you see what Aaron has been doing!

Session Materials

  • Materials are not yet available for this session.

What You Will Learn

  • To go under the hood with Jarvis CRM / Business Solution
  • To demonstrate the techniques we used to extend FileMaker Platform functionality