VEN010 - Excelisys: Tantalizing Tips-n-Tricks from the Trenches - Doug West

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    Doug West (Excelisys, Inc.  )

    Vendor Session Description

    With a team of developers working on thousands of projects over the last 14+ years, we've stood our ground against a variety of challenging customer requirements. eXcelisys will eXplore some of our eXcellent FileMaker Pro Tips-n-Tricks in depth. This will be a dynamic "class" of how-to and when-to use some of these eXceptional concepts in your custom apps!

    We will cover: Drag-n-Drop, Hierarchical Portals, Powerful Progress Bars, Stealth Buttons, Double-Click Single-Click Trick, Audit Trails without Casualties, and Popover Imprisonment.

    Session Materials

    • Materials are not yet available for this session.

    What You Will Learn

    • To explore how our tips and tricks can enhance your custom apps