Simple Google Static Map

Version 2

    My users want to offer their clients an invoice containing a googlemap with the products on it.


    We are a forestry and batches of wood are located irregularly 'in the middle of the woods'.


    I've been looking at the great example from Stacy Chamblee from Hypersoft but that's way to complicated for me, but it did put me on the road to this:


    This solution uses the location function to get a gps reading from the foresters' iPhone, extracts the latitude and longitude and concatenates everything into a url. The url is read by a webviewer and voilá.

    Some extra fields give the forester the opportunity to choose the best size, zoom and/or maptype.

    More info about the parameters as


    Everything fits in one table. The attached example has a layout for an iPhone (5s) and another one for the desktop.


    You should use your own Google key (although the example seems to work without), generating one is easy:


    Current Google usage limits allow for 25.000 map loads in a maximum resolution of 640x640 per 24 hours without costs and thats more than enough for me.


    Hope to help.