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I am new to fileMaker I am working with FileMaker Pro 140.6. Advanced. My O/S is  windows 10 Pro. I am trying to learn anything about Portal as it is my big problem to understand why the portal is not showing rows for the related records and I am not sure if I have to add anything to it to show all records. Recently a member of the forum "Coherentkris" posted some answers to my issue with portal situation I have tried my best to understand how portal works but with no success. Please Members if you think I am posting in the wrong forum asking for your help. I do sincerely apologies for my mistake as I am new to the this forum and just point me to the right direction from where I can get some support to overcome my wrong doing in creating the correct Portal. Finally find the attached file so you can check my errors and post it back to this thread so I know what I should do in the future.

Kindest regards.