About DevCon 2017

Version 27

    Come to DevCon 2017 and connect with other like-minded innovators, experts, and advocates from around the globe about all things FileMaker.


    • Connect to new technologies – Learn about integration strategies for cloud, web, and other platforms.
    • Connect your skills – Fill the gaps in your development experience.
    • Connect with your world – Share best practices with other developers.


    Our goal this year is to attract new attendees and to make the conference available to more people. With this in mind, we're lowering the price and are shortening the conference by one day see the schedule below.



    Conference Tracks


    This year, both Training Day and the 2 days of general conference sessions are organized into 5 concurrent tracks to provide an integrated 3-day program. The general conference also includes 2 new types of short sessions: FileMaker in Action and Closing Inspirations. Whether you are just starting out or have been developing FileMaker custom apps for years, you’ll find the information that connects with you.



    Training Day


    An entire day of instructor-led training by FileMaker Business Alliance Trainer.


    • Beginner - Focus on the fundamentals of the FileMaker Platform

    • Intermediate - Dive deeper into building fully featured custom apps

    • Advanced - Explore complex techniques and cutting-edge innovations

    • Innovation - Integration of FileMaker with Web Services

    • Business - Build your custom apps using agile techniques


    Special FBA Day


    Because our FileMaker Business Alliance partners have asked for more time together, we've added a complimentary day following the conference (requires DevCon registration). We invite all FileMaker Business Alliance partners to join us for networking, collaboration, and to share best practices. If you're not already a member, this is a great reason to join!