DevCon 2017: Track Overview and Session Ideas

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This page describes the tracks for DevCon 2017 and provides session suggestions for people submitting proposals this year. Remember that the Customer Stories sessions are open to anyone with good public speaking skills and a compelling success story to tell!



Track Overview


  • The Beginner track covers fundamentals at a basic level, complementing what is covered on Training Day.

  • The Intermediate track also covers fundamentals but at an intermediate level. It also complements what is covered on Training Day.


  • The Advanced track is where you can dig into challenging content. But be sure that it has a wide audience.


  • The Innovation track focuses on external technologies that can help extend the FileMaker platform, such as HTML 5, JavaScript, REST APIs, JSON, and cURL.


  • The Business track targets compelling content to help attendees strengthen their team or organization, including topics such as change management, project estimation, and team leadership.


  • With FileMaker in Action, we invite in-house developers and business leaders to share real-world case studies showing a custom app has solved a business problem. These are ten 30-minute presentations, all scheduled for the final slot on Tuesday.


  • With Closing Insights, we want to end DevCon on a high note with inspiring short talks. These are ten 30-minute presentations from experienced speakers, all scheduled for the final slot on Wednesday. What would you want to learn about in the final session -- the year in review? Design innovations? Business trends for the future? We're excited to see what you propose!


  • For FBA Day, please submit business-related sessions targeted at FBA members. You must be an FBA member to submit.




Beginner Track: Session Ideas


Please propose fundamental sessions (for people with little or no FileMaker experience) in the following areas:


  • Foundation & Requirements  (normally a business topic, but fundamental for beginners)


  • Relationships & Data Modeling


  • Layout Basics


  • User Experience


  • Scripting


  • Calculations


  • Reporting


  • Basics of Security


  • FileMaker Platform learning strategies



Intermediate Track: Session Ideas


These sessions are targeted at people who have some FileMaker experience, but who may be self-taught, stuck in some way, or needing insight in order to grow. Here are some possible topics:


  • Relationships & Data Modeling
    • Creating “Query” Relationships using the Relationship Graph


  • Interface
    • Creating Device Specific Layouts and knowing when you need them
    • Understanding Themes and Styles


  • Design & User Experience
    • User-centric Layout design
    • UX & Design


  • Calculations
    • Getting to Know the most useful Calculation Functions


  • Scripting
    • Scripting User Interaction
    • Understanding Script Triggers
    • Techniques for Creating Child Records


  • Reporting
    • Charting Basics (Current Found Set, Related Records, etc)


  • Security
    • Securing Your FileMaker apps
    • Using External Authentication to secure your FIleMaker apps


  • Deployment
    • FileMaker Server Setup, Configuration and Best Practices
    • Deployment Strategies,  using FileMaker WebDirect, FileMaker go or FM Cloud
    • Optimization considerations for deploying using FileMaker WebDirect



Advanced Track: Session Ideas


Advanced sessions can take a deep dive into platform-focused content. Here are some suggestions:




  • Using Top Call statistics to interpret and optimize custom app performance


  • FileMaker Cloud: beyond the basics


  • Structured Variables: an innovative and powerful way of declaring and using them


  • Troubleshooting Perform Script on Server



Innovation Track: Session Ideas


Feel free to geek out here! Just make sure you give strong examples and provide technologies and techniques with broad application:


  • REST API: Cutting-edge innovations


  • Getting the most out of cURL


  • Leveraging JavaScript for powerful integration


  • Mastering JSON and XML for web service data exchange



Business Track: Session Ideas


We want administrators, project managers, and other non-technical team members to benefit from DevCon too and of course many developers have a strong interest in these topics as well:


  • Managing change and overcoming objections


  • Estimating FileMaker projects and managing scope creep


  • Leading and growing a development team (stakeholders, subject matter experts, developers, and testers)


  • Supporting citizen developers: as clients or team members


  • Building a data-driven culture


  • Getting FileMaker to go viral within an organization


  • Building a bridge between IT and your team


  • Solving problems in the real world: process insights


  • Future-proofing your business and your apps



FileMaker in Action: Session Ideas


We'd like these real-world case studies to be shared by customers, in-house developers or business leaders. We welcome our FBA partners to recommend their clients, but the goal is for the client to share their experience directly. Don't forget that these sessions are 30 minutes long.


We want to hear about people's process what steps did you take that led you to success, and what mistakes did you learn from? We're especially interested in the following industries:


  • Field Services


  • Financial Services


  • Medical


  • Media


  • Retail / Mfg.


  • Education


  • Government


  • Real Estate



Closing Insights: Session Ideas


What would be most exciting and inspiring to you as the final afternoon sessions of the conference? Bear in mind that these sessions are 30 minutes long. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking:


  • The three most amazing custom apps created in the past year and what makes them so great


  • Breakthrough ways to use the FileMaker Platform for rapid development


  • Transformation design and the FileMaker Platform: envisioning a better world




FBA Day: Session Ideas


What information or expertise do you have to share with your fellow FBA members? Here are some suggestions:


  • Hiring and onboarding new developers


  • Making an elevator pitch


  • Sigma 6 best practices for a dev shop


  • Selling consulting services "net new"


  • Best practices for operations: Billing Methods, Cash Flow, Pricing, Legal Issues and Contracts


  • Reselling FileMaker Licenses with your solutions


  • Deploying solutions forward


  • Developer tools and plug-ins