Yearly Averages

Version 1

    Dear All,


    I have collated 78 Excel Spreadsheets representing, (excluding missing data), every month from 2010 to date, of UK's Nursing and Midwifery Council's Sanctions and Restrictions.


    I have managed to put average, (and standard deviation), of each sanction. I have even managed to create a flexible weighting system to compensate for the effects of double counting. But there are still some questions I would need to ask:


    • Does Filemaker allow for Yearly Averages, i.e. Average for 2010, Average for 2011, etc?
    • If Filemaker does allow the above, what would be the commands?
    • Also can it be done within the same field, or does each year require a seperate field.


    If the above is possible, it would help me with developing my knowledge of Filemaker.


    Many thanks


    Dominic Joannou