IDs not matching on sorted relationship

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Hi there, I have attached an example of simple database which allows allocation of accessories to various people.


Am experiencing what I think to be quite strange behaviour in a sorted relationship, which displays an ACCESSORY > its latest ALLOCATION (because the table in the relationship is sorted descending by date) > ENTITY (so I can see more detail about the entity that was allocated that accessory).


You can see below ACCESSORY (orange) > ALLOCATION (yellow) > ENTITY (green)


Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 2.55.15 PM.png


As you can see from the ALLOCATION in the second record, the entity_id is "120", so I would expect that the relationship to the ENTITY would display "120" and the corresponding details from that record. However it displays "104" instead, which is what the relationship would have returned if the ALLOCATION table hadn't been sorted by date.


Please see the attached file for this as a working example.


Would be great to receive any advice as to why this relationship does not work as expected!


Many thanks,