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Beginner Track – FileMaker 101

Jim Medema, Surefoot Consulting


Session Description

The FileMaker Basics Training Day is designed to provide a solid foundation to everything FileMaker for DevCon attendees who are relatively new to the platform. By the end of the day, attendees will have a roadmap from which to move into confidently into days 2 and 3 of DevCon.


Agenda for the Day

Section 1: Introduction to the FileMaker Platform

In this brief introduction, attendees will get simple, straightforward guidance to the applications, deployment options and licensing options they will need to know when planning their own custom app. Understanding these elements is critical to positioning and planning decisions for every database creator.


Section 2: From Newbie to Power User

This will be a hands-on orientation to all of the most common tasks users need to master to make the transition from Newbie to Power User. Activities will guide attendees all around the FileMaker environment and establish user confidence getting in and around the application. We will cover navigation, modes, views, sorts, importing, exporting and essential techniques to finding records.


Section 3: From User to Developer

For the remainder of the day we will transition from user mode to developer mode and get a hands-on basic orientation to each of the core work areas where developers spend their time: Planning; Data-Modeling Basics; Tables, Fields, and Relationships; Layouts and Scripts.


Upon completion, attendees will have a steady launching pad from which to select and learn from other sessions at the conference.


Recommended Background

This session is ideally suited for the FileMaker beginner. No prior FileMaker or database experience is necessary.



Intermediate Track – FileMaker 201

Cris Ippolite, iSolutions


Session Description

This training session provides high-level discussions of important intermediate concepts needed to create rich functionality in your custom apps. These include creating complex relationships, reporting, integrating with other data sources, securing your custom apps, and deploying your custom apps with a focus on best practices.


Topics covered

- Working with Complex Relationships (Self-Join, Drill-Down Relationships, Related Fields in Calculations)

- Layout Tools (Inspector, Visibility, Conditional Formatting, Field Control and Value Lists, iOS Touch Controls, Popovers, Buttons and Button Bars)

- Calculations (Calculated Replace, Auto-Enter Calculations, IF and CASE examples, Aggregate Functions)

- Scripts (Script Triggers, User Interaction, Parameters, Variables, New Windows, Looping Scripts)

- Reporting (Subsummary with No Body, Ranking Reports, Multi-Level Subsummary, Quick Charts, Charting, Crosstab reports)


Recommended Background

Know how to create relationships, calculations, and layouts in FileMaker Pro.



Advanced Track – FileMaker 301

Bob Bowers, Soliant Consulting


Session Description

In this training session, attendees will learn about and gain hands-on experience with many advanced FileMaker Pro concepts. Topics will include the ExecuteSQL function, complex scripting, recursive custom functions, reporting using virtual lists, and a deeper look at various layout tools and Relationships Graph techniques.


Recommended Background

A solid understanding of FileMaker fundamentals such as those covered in the Intermediate Training Day description.



Innovation Track – Connecting FileMaker to the Web

Todd Geist, Geist Interactive


Session Description

FileMaker can connect to the ever-growing array of APIs and web services that make up the internet.


In this workshop, we’ll learn how to exchange data between standards based Web APIs and FileMaker custom apps. Plus, we’ll learn how to expose FileMaker data to other services and applications. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start to plug your FileMaker application into the Web.


Topics covered

  • JSON
  • Insert from URL (cURL)
  • REST APIs,
  • Node.js (JavaScript)


Recommended Background

Know how to create calculations and scripts in FileMaker Pro. Familiarity with Web Application design, JavaScript or Web Services is NOT required!



Business Track – Demystifying Agile Development: Practical Tools for the Risk-Averse

Sara Severson, Soliant Consulting


Session Description

This interactive workshop will cover strategies designed to keep your project square on the rails. We’ll go beyond the terminology to give you, the project lead or project manager, practical tools you can apply immediately to help identify problems before they become problems. Topics will be drawn from agile development best practices and Soliant’s own project management experience.


Topics covered

  • Project planning
  • Scrum practices
  • Incremental releases
  • Velocity calculations
  • Project forecasting
  • Deployment planning
  • Change adoption


Recommended Background

No pre-requisites. Attendees who run projects will get the most out of this session.