'Sync' version 1.0.2 out now: Easy to install, secure and fast database synchronisation

Document created by klickagent on Feb 18, 2017
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'Sync' for FileMaker 1.0.2



Key facts

  • Easy setup
  • No server needed
  • All FileMaker products supported ( FileMaker Pro/Advanced, FileMaker Go (iOS), FileMaker Server, Runtime Solutions)
  • Secure and fast


What is 'Sync' for FileMaker?

"Sync" for FileMaker was created to sync your FileMaker files without a lot of programming knowledge. You share your data between multiple databases (replicate). To provide the best possible compatibility the sync will work on either FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server as well as FileMaker Go, FileMaker Apps and FileMaker Runtime solutions.



Why 'Sync' for FileMaker?

  • Work offline! No need for a permanent internet connection
  • No FileMaker Server (FMS) needed: no costs for concurrent connections or additional webconnections!
  • Very easy to set up



Version 1.0.2

  • Allows to assign which fields to sync
  • Enables synchronisation between different FileMaker solutions (assign the field from one database to a second field from another database): Allows you to sync a FileMaker Go application with a complete different desktop solution!




For further information: 'Sync' for FileMaker 1.0.2, easy installable/setup, fast and secure FileMaker synchronisation for FileMaker Pro/Advanced (FM Pro/Advanced), FileMaker Go (iOS), FileMaker Runtime solutions and FileMaker Server (FMS)