Guidelines for custom apps featured on Made for FileMaker and Solution Bundle Agreement (SBA)

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We want to make the custom app review process easy, painless and transparent. If you have a good understanding of what is getting evaluated, it will speed you through the approval process when you submit it.


Solutions are reviewed for three purposes:

1) To get a skills assessment for FBA membership

2) To participate in Made for FileMaker

3) To participate in the Solutions Bundle Agreement (SBA) program

The custom app you submit should exemplify your best work. FBA partners are an extension of FileMaker, so if you look good, we look good. Solutions that is! The review team will make their best effort to be fair and reasonable.


A master account name and password

In order to evaluate all aspects of your app, including the schema design and running a Database Design Report (DDR) on your solution, a [FULL ACCESS] account name and password is required. The [FULL ACCESS] account name and password can be one created especially for FileMaker, Inc. to use during the evaluation of your solution if you prefer. Rest assured that, we (FileMaker, Inc.), will not give out or disclose your [FULL ACCESS] credentials.  If a [FULL ACCESS] account name and password is not provided with the solution, it will be rejected.


A fully functional solution

Demos, betas, or solutions with limited functionality will not pass. What is limited functionality?

  • Missing files - run your own DDR report so your multi-file solution doesn’t report <field missing> and/or <table missing>
  • Buttons on layouts that produce error messages or are broken


.fmp12 file format

The app should be in the current version of FileMaker. If it was originally built in an older version, let us know. Solutions using current features of the FileMaker Platform are a plus. Solutions that appear to have simply been converted from a previous version without any/little additional modern development will not pass. For example, if a solution could benefit from the use of Tab Controls / Panels but multiple layouts are being used instead, the solution will be marked down. We realize that a solution may not require Charts, for example, or the use of a Web Viewer, and that is okay. Overall, show us that you are keeping your customers current by incorporating new features and functionality that will benefit your customer.


Features and functionality we look for

Solutions should include some test or dummy data with at least 5 records. It’ll help the reviewer to have some data to work with. We don’t want confidential or sensitive data though.


A submitted solution should make appropriate use of the FileMaker platform’s built-in suite of security tools. The solution should demonstrate your knowledge of these tools and of security best practices.


Additional guidelines can be found here:


A submitted solution should not be completely based on a FileMaker Starter Solution. While it is okay to start your development with a FileMaker Starter Solution, we want to evaluate YOUR skills as a developer. If little to no modification was done with the template, it won’t pass.


A solution should have sound relational design. Solutions that are submitted as flat files or solutions that do not incorporate good relational design will not pass.


A solution should have a modern, well designed, and user-friendly user interface. The user interface of your solution should be useful and intuitive and should take the guesswork out of using Layout objects should be aligned and sized appropriately.


  • Layouts should all have the same look, feel and continuity with common objects appearing in the same location from layout to layout.
  • If your solution is designed to work with FileMaker Go, mobile appropriate
  • Layouts and appropriately sized layout objects should be included as part of your solution.
  • Styles and Themes are a plus.
  • Additional guidelines can be found here:


A solution should not expose anything it does not need to. This includes a well- organized scripts menu and layout pull-down and limiting access to “unfriendly” field names in the schema of your solution. Scripts that you do not want end-users to directly execute and layouts that you do not want them to manually navigate to should be hidden from view.

Document your scripts and calculations. A good design practice is to comment or otherwise document your scripts and your calculations so that others know what they do. Use of outdated or deprecated technology. Solutions that utilize features and functionality that are outdated or deprecated, for example solutions that use Instant Web Publishing or Classic Theme, will likely not pass a review.

Bonus Point Features

Designed for and compatible with with FileMaker Go

Conditional Formatting
Custom Functions

Custom Menus
Extended Privileges
Features found in recent versions of FileMaker Pro / .fmp12 file format

Script Parameters
Script Results
Script Triggers
Themes / Styles
User-friendly custom messages that override built-in ones


We understand that a review can be subjective. We hope these guidelines will help. Note that not all of these areas are required for a solution to pass. In addition, failing to meet one or more of these does not mean your solution will not pass but can decrease the chances. Our goal is for you to be successful and our customers to be delighted.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

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