ADV004 - Web Viewer Integrations - Jeremy Brown

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Jeremy Brown (Soliant Consulting)

Session Description

The web viewer object is an extremely versatile object that allows a developer to integrate deeper functionality into a custom app using the languages of the web, HTML/CSS and JavaScript.


In this session, you'll explore a standard way to integrate common web libraries, including setting up an integration in FileMaker, manipulating it, and gathering data using some of the new functions of FileMaker 16. Discover best practices that are used to make this as easy as possible to set up deeper functionality.

What you should know

Familiarity with scripting in FileMaker. Some web-language knowledge is useful, but not required.

Products & Technologies

  • Pro/Advanced
  • Go

Session Materials

The demo file is attached here, containing ten integrations. This will be used in the session. To download the full file, click here.

Web Viewer Related Resources:


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I have this tab open all the time while doing work.
D3JS library used in many charting and data maps libraries.
The FMP Protocol theURL = "fmp://$/**FileName**?script=**ScriptName**&param=";
window.location = theURL;
Adobe Color
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What You Will Learn

  • Best practices of web integrations into a custom app.
  • Implement integrations into their own custom apps.
  • How the fmp protocol and a library’s callback functions are used.
  • The basics of manipulating an integration to fit their own custom app.
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