How to Create Row and Columns layout

Document created by AndyLi on May 25, 2017
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Hi, I hope someone can show me a clue how to create Row and columns layout dynamically.

let's say I have about 800 customers, each customer has one or more than one rack in which we put books on there. rack size is like how many rows and how many columns, for example, 10X6, it means 10 rows and 6 columns, we will put 60 books on this rack. in Filemaker, we will see all book images (thumbnail) on one screen (browser model). If rack is always the same size, let's assume 10X6, I know I can use 6 Portal Toll, and set record for the first Portal Toll is from 1-10, and the second one is from 11-20,.....until the last portal is from 51-60. by using this way, it is working. However, my current situation is different customer has different rack size. I really don't want to create a new layout for a different rack size, because it potential can be created more than 800 layouts (I have 800 customers). I think it must be a easy way to "Dynamically" create variable rack size, but I don't know how? If you know, please just point me a direction. thanks