ADV007 - Data Modeling That Scales - Dave Graham

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Dave Graham (Geist Interactive)

Session Description

Learn techniques that will help you build bulletproof Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and more. These include concepts from Len Silverston (The Data Model Resource Book, Volumes 1 & 2) and will include a discussion of pros and cons. Discover unique approaches to implementing these concepts in FileMaker.


This session will demonstrate modeling choices ranging from specific to general and abstract styles of data modeling for common patterns (e.g., roles, statuses and classifications).

What you should know

You should already understand the basics of relational database development in FileMaker Pro. Some of the approaches will be more relevant to attendees who have been involved in complex projects.

Products & Technologies

  • Pro/Advanced

Session Materials

  • Nearly the entire session was a live demo, but I attached a copy of my slides anyway
  • The party model demo that I created during the session is also attached. It's the same file that I whipped up during the session, so it doesn't have any documentation or comments. If you post follow-up questions in the comments below I'll do my best to respond right away.

What You Will Learn

  • Party model
  • Roles, statuses and classification models
  • Generalized frameworks
  • Bulletproof CRM design
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