Sellbrite API with Filmmaker

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What is Sellbrite?


Sellbrite is a tool that enables online retailers to list and sell their products effortlessly across multiple channels and have total control over their inventory. ... Another thing that Sellbrite provides is cross-channel intelligence, which allows online merchants and retailers to be successful.


Ideas to use Sellbrite and Filemaker


All online store from difference channels such as eBay, Amazon, Neweggs, Walmart, WooCommerce will be connected in one SellBrite account. With its API, you can use a single cURL command to import inventory, updating QTY, creating Invoices or upload shipping tracking number.


How to connect with Filmmaker

  1. get BaseElement plug-in
  2. get <<account token>> and <<secret key>> in Sellbrite Setting - > API Credentials. for more information about Sellbrite API:
  3. In FM, use "BE_ExecuteSystemCommand" to excuse cURL and change " into \" in the command
  4. Right now(6/24/2017) these are the ENDPOINTS available to use ;
    • get/orders
    • get/orders/:sb_order_seq
    • get/inventory
    • patch/inventory
    • post/shipments
    • get/channels
    • get/warehouses
    • get/warehouses/fulfillments/:uuid
  5. Clients who use the Sellbrite API are subjected to two rate limits:

•The maximum number of API calls per minute is 300 API requests.

•The maximum number of API calls per second is 5 API requests.