FileMaker DevCon2Go for 2017 - Download today!

Version 6

    Get the DevCon2Go scheduler for iPad and iPhone


    FileMaker Developer Conference – Phoenix, Arizona – July 24 – 27, 2017


    The DevCon2Go scheduler has all you need to stay on track while you're at the conference. Plus, it's a great sample solution that shows what you can create in FileMaker for the iPad and iPhone.


    This year Claus Lavendt (DataManix / lavendt) added several FileMaker 16 features. It is the demo file for his session ADV008 - See FileMaker Go 16 through the DevCon2Go17 App - Claus Lavendt. New features include in-app updates, JSON based data updates, and improved location monitoring. It also includes a tool for exchanging personal contact information that leverages Geist Interactive's Barcode Generator, created by Jeremy Bante.


    In-app updates are designed to work on iOS. If you are running DevCon2Go on Mac or Windows, DevCon2Go must be in your Documents or My Documents folder for the in-app update to work.


    With DevCon2Go you can:


    • Build a DevCon itinerary tailored to your interests and time.
    • Get up to speed on special meetings, services, and events.
    • Read about speakers and rate sessions right on the spot..
    • Pull up session information when you enter a conference room (using iBeacons).
    • Exchange personal information (using QR codes).
    • Share data with other devices (using App Extensions).


    To make full use of DevCon2Go, make sure you have FileMaker Go 16 installed, with Location and Camera enabled.






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