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Document created by digitalmapper on Jul 10, 2017
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Dear All

I am a new member, using a Mac on 10.6.8, as I do a lot of imaging of all sorts up to A0. In fact a friend and I have digitised a lot of english old maps at

I would like to upgrade my Mac Pro, but I am at its limit, but, touch wood it is OK.

My problem is straight forward, namely I have 2500 transparancies as jpegs. I have a Filemaker data base, with a container field for the transparency images, no problem.

To import them in one go could be a disaster.

All the images are in folders of around 100, so to import them piecemeal would be OK, but one cannot do this in version 9.

I am a fan of Automator on the Mac, and I have seen on the internet someone called Automated Workflows who offer some scripts for filemaker, but it not as clear as it might be.

I have one advantage, namely the pictures and the database have the same numbers.

What I am hoping, that by enquiring with all you learned experts a way round this.

So what I would like is a way of importing say 100 into the database, then checking all is ok, them importing another 100, without deleting the first lot, as would be normal with fmpro.

Or conversely, as the Automated workflow has entries so that Fmpro works with Automator, I could use other bits of to do the job, hopefully.

So help please or some guidance