JDBC connections refused since upgrading to FMS 16 (using RJDBC)

Document created by ScottWalker on Jul 17, 2017
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Hello -

We recently upgraded to FileMaker Server 16. We use the JDBC driver to access our databases via the RJDBC package in R. Since our upgrade, however, connections are refused by the server. Has anyone else had this experience, or any ideas to test or narrow down the problem?


More facts:

- FMS version

- latest version of fmjdbc.jar

- Java v8 update 131

- We can connect to databases on a separate FMS 14 server successfully

- We had no problems connecting to databases when we were using FMS 15

- ODBC/JDBC is enabled on the server admin console and in the database we want to access for the user account we are using

- We thought this might be related to an SSL certificate issue, but we resolved that issue and also tested with SSL off on the server and got the same problem (connection refused)



- Are you successfully using JDBC to connect to databases on FMS 16? If so, did you have any trouble after upgrade?

- I would like to find out if this is an FMS 16 problem or a specific problem with something on our server. Does anyone know of some test database on an FMS 16 server that would allow JDBC access?

- What else can we try to narrow down the problem?