Unofficial Performance Track at DevCon 2017

Version 2

    Since there's no official "Performance" track at DevCon, I have created this unofficial one by suggesting the following curriculum for performance optimizers:


    Performance related sessions (what optimizer must know):


    Tue 1pm Server Architecture and Performance in the Cloud Era

    Tue 2:15pm Arachnophobia and Selector-Connector-Phobia Can Improve Performance

    Wed 9am Superfast Reporting with PSOS and Virtual Lists

    Wed 9am Under The Hood: Server Performance

    Wed 10:30am Using Top Call Statistics to Optimize App Performance

    Wed 1pm Algebra is Awesome: Write Better Calculations


    Other recommended sessions (what an optimizer should also know):


    Tue 9am Under the Hood: FileMaker Layouts

    Tue 10:30am FMPerception: Instantly See and Search the Entire Structure of Your FileMaker System

    Tue 3:45pm Under The Hood: FileMaker Cloud Virtual DBA

    Tue 4:15 Star Wars/Ghostbusters Pop Up Shop

    Wed 10:30am Under The Hood: FileMaker Data API

    Wed 1pm Data Modeling That Scales

    Wed 1pm Advanced Insight, Collaboration and Performance with InspectorPro

    Wed 2:15pm Introduction to SQL and ODBC for FileMaker Developers

    Wed 2:15pm Refactoring our Skill-Set: Changing How We Do the Same Thing

    Wed 3:45pm Big Data for the Little Guy

    Wed 4:15pm Mobile Matters!


    See the details of each session in the official schedule: