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Here's a cleaned up and a bit enhanced version of my landscape-timeline web viewer-based calendar.

Improved FM Go touch-handling


• double-click/long-touch into grid for new event

• click on row-title for resource-detail window

• tooltips on events (FM Pro)


Hope it's of use


best regards



p.s. FM14 up, best experience in FM16


previous versions and week-calendar here: WeekCalendar with drag and drop

triggering thread here: Week (not weekly) Schedule


new Version:

• added vertical "now"-timeline. Gets actualised by rerendering of the calendar or by JS by inactivity.

• "_dragstep" now in minutes, for 1 hour set it to 60

• additional switch "_showdate": overrides "_showtime" and displays start- and end-date instead of start- and end-time, might be handy for systems allowing only full-day bookings (12:00 PM to 12:00 PM i.e.)


17/12/23 • added time-grid shown, when day-width allows


17/12/31 - happy new year!

• new switch _halfrow: handle double-booking, display in half-rows (max 2 simultaneous events) if _halfrow = 1



• enhanced version to show resources/events grouped by projects (same resource can be part of multiple projects)

• additional to my CF-based calculated webpage (layout GUI), I've integrated fullcalendar's scheduler (layout GUI Scheduler). The JS-libraries are put in table JSLibraries and the needed ones loaded into global variables on solution start. The page itself is in JSLibraries ID:12, the placeholders get substituted by the calendar-data in field GUI::HTMLScheduler. I've done a few minor tweaks in the CSS-files but most is left unrendered.



• added some language libraries to scheduler, some minor adjustments in presentation.

If you want to add some more languages, take the files from fullcalendar version 3.4, the ones from 3.8 are not compatible.

                 472 KB              



• date navigation, depending on number of displayed days

• my own FM-rendered calendar (layout GUI): reworked CSS

• FullCalendar-Scheduler (layout "GUI Scheduler"): agendaWeek- and month-view added, script to ftp-upload or mail the html-file to publish on a web server. Inject the "open source" license, if you integrate it in your solution, set the license according to your usage (open source, non commercial, get a valid commercial license: Purchase Scheduler | FullCalendar )



• added a version using JSONP and hash-change technic as shown here: Communicating with a Web Viewer in FileMaker – beezwax > blog

  to minimise screen flicker. The hash-change works fine on macOS, unfortunately forces a webviewer reload on windows, so not really a win for win;-)



• added MBS-function to call the JS-functions. If MBS-plugin is installed, active and registered with a valid key, on macOS and Windows its function is used to update the calendar content. If not, on macOS the JSONP/hash-trigger is used, on Windows and iOS JSONP and webviewer-refresh is used.



• found a way around the Windows hash-trigger issue. If you add a named iframe with zero size to the html body and call the fmpURL by'fmp://.....', iframename), the hash-trigger works on windows too.



• updated ResourceCalendar-file. Optimised for larger time range display and additionally integrated fullCalendar-scheduler (layout "GUI Scheduler").


• change in CF "ListOfDate" (make localisation independent) and "setCalendarGrid" for localised month names (set variable _months according your language by uncomment/comment/edit at Let-statement start )


• added language-switcher to "GUI" (en, de, fr, es). Edit "setCalendarGrid" for more localisations.



• fixed a issue when CF-framework is copied to a file with a non dot (.)-based decimal format. As html/javascript expects the dot as decimal delimiter the events won't show correct if values like "35,5" are passed into the html or opposite "35.5" is passed to a FM-script as a parameter. So I added two CFs - JSDecimal ( _value ) and FMDecimal ( _value ) - to translate between the systems. If you're sure there's no need for a translation, you can uncomment the first variant in the CF-definitions and just return the input, it might have a small impact to performance.

• fixed refresh on filter toggle

• some representation reworks, weekend background not in timeline row, weekend background also in views > 30 days, if it's large enough.



• on request added 3 additional config-variables: _bhstart, _bhend and _newlength for defining business-hours and the default length of a new event. Now the 1-day view zooms in to defined business-hours range.



• ResourceCalendar, removed unneeded refresh. In Start-script a new global variable $$showactivestate is set, if set to 1, the event gets highlighted on klick (as before), if set to 0 or empty, there's no highlighting means less refresh needed, better responsibility, special on hosted solutions.

• The drag-javascript now keeps events inside the existing resources-boundaries, it's not anymore possible to drag further down/up than there're displayed resources.

• build-date under ?-layout.

• added a simple undo-function, revert last (accidentally) dragged event.

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