DevCon2Go17 Home Screen Icon

Version 9

    I thought I would share this iOS profile I just put together so you can open the DevCon2Go17 straight from your home screen on your iPhone or iPad, I have also included a second icon to link to this Community forum home page.


    As this site is zipping the file as I upload it you will need to either download it and then email the .mobileconfig file to your device.


    Or you can download from this Dropbox link: Dropbox - FileMakerDevCon2Go.mobileconfig and when it opens in Dropbox click on Download > Direct Download and it should open up in the Settings app.


    Example of the icons:



    Note: This installs a profile to your device that can be found in Settings > General > Profiles > FileMakerDevCon2Go so if you want to remove it thne go here and follow the instructions


    Hope you find this useful


    -- Orlando