Sending SMS messages using Nexmo and curl options!

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Simple template to send SMS messages from - similar to and

Comes with the ability to lookup phone numbers, and verify users by sending them 4 digit numbers.

REQUIREMENTS: FileMaker 16 - for curl options!

ACCESS: admin / admin

curl options make it easy to translate this into a single filemaker script:

curl -X POST \

-d api_key=[key] \

-d api_secret=[secret] \

-d to=[to] \

-d from=[from] \

-d text="Hello from Nexmo"


to use:

1 sign up for

2 get key - put into SMS Nexmo.fmp12

3 get secret - put into SMS Nexmo.fmp12

4 get nexmo number - put into from field in SMS Nexmo.fmp12

5 enter the phone number you want to send to into send number field

6 enter the message to send

7 click SEND

8 ???