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Document created by wimdecorte on Sep 5, 2017
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Way back when, I started fmDotNet, an open source wrapper around the FMS XML API, targeted at .NET developers and similar to what the PHP API offers: instant familiarity for .NET developers, taking away the necessity to learn the XML API url calls and the need to understand the FMS XML grammar.


The project is still alive and doing very well on GitHub and as a NuGet package: GitHub - fuzzzerd/fmDotNet: This is a fork of fmDotNet from Includes new features (-fi…

(many thanks to those who have contributed and forked over time!!)


Now that we have the new REST Data API I've started a new project that uses that API instead of the XML API:

GitHub - wimdecorte/FMdotNet__DataAPI: .NET wrapper (.NET Standard 2.0) around the FileMaker Server REST Data API.

and a demo console application to show all methods and properties:

GitHub - wimdecorte/FMdotNet__DataAPI_demo: Console application that demonstrates the FMdotNET__DataAPI calls and respon…


Enjoy & contribute if you can.



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