Creating Content

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Choose a content type based on your goals. In most cases, you will choose discussion or question.


Click pencil_edit.png to draft a discussion, question, or another type of content in the FileMaker Community.


Most activity in the Community occurs in discussions and questions. Choose question to ask a question of other community members and discussion to start a conversation about a topic. If you do choose question, please mark the best or correct answer. This helps other people with the same question find the answer and reduces repetitive posts.


Content you create is public in the community and searchable.


Create via email

To create content via email, go to Discussions or another place and select Create by email from Actions in the upper right area of the banner. Select Discussions and click Email Vcards. This will send a Vcard to your email that you can add to your address book. To create a new discussion, send an email to the email address in this Vcard, and a new discussion will be created for you.



Monitoring Your Content

You'll automatically follow all content that you create, so you'll receive an update in your Inbox whenever anyone responds to your content. You can also delete any comments on your content, as well as delete the content entirely.