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Comment on content or join a discussion to engage with other users in the community.


This is your main activity in the FileMaker Community. When you look around and discover conversations, you'll want to take advantage of the opportunity to comment. The following guidelines can help you get started with participating:


  • Commenting is as simple as clicking Add a Comment or Reply at the bottom of a question, discussion, document, or blog post. You can reply to an individual message in a thread or to the original post. Everyone reading the thread will see your response.
  • Documents are used for official content from FileMaker, Inc. In general, you can comment on documents. Some documents (like this one) have restricted comments.
  • Comments and replies may be Liked or marked Helpful. These are tallied for reporting activity in places, or the entire community.
  • The best answer to a question can be Marked as correct by the person who asked it or a moderator.