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Document created by RosemaryTietge on Sep 6, 2017
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Inbox shows replies, @mentions, messages, Latest Acclaim, and shares—plus any activity you decide needs to show up in your Inbox by following it.


Your Inbox shows the activity that's most you-centric—the information that's sent directly to you and has your name on it. This automatically includes @mentions, replies to discussions you're participating in, content people share with you, your latest acclaim, new follower notifications, and direct messages.


Depending on your preferences, everything that flows into your Inbox may result in email notifications. If available in your community, you can adjust what's emailed to you. For more on this, see Customizing Email Notifications.


Use the following tips and tricks to get the most out of your Inbox:

  • You can follow content items in your Inbox even if you haven't yet or don't want to participate directly. From any of your streams, just click the content item, and then select Actions > Follow > Inbox > Done. All updates and replies to that item will now flow into your Inbox.
  • Use the Filter drop-down menu in Inbox to sort the view to @mentions, messages, notifications, or shares.
  • Click the Jane Doe box and enter a user's name to filter by participant. You'll see only the items that include this person as a participant.
  • Manage your unread communications and follow-ups using the blue dot toggle next to messages you haven't read yet and clicking Unread Only to see only the messages marked with the blue dot.
  • When you click the Split View icon in the top right of the Inbox stream and then select a message, you'll see the content of the message in the lower pane and the list of messages in the upper pane.
  • Get rid of activity on any item that no longer interests you by clicking Hide new activity in the lower pane of the split-pane view. The current activity stays in your Inbox, but you'll see no more update alerts for that item. (Click Start following in Inbox to restore Inbox notifications for that item).
  • Keep in mind that if you are following a space in Inbox (new communities may not have spaces available), you won't also be following its subspaces unless you separately decide to follow them in Inbox.
  • Click the pin icon next to Inbox, Your View, or Actions to make it the landing page whenever you click the bell.png button next to your avatar.