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Document created by Johan Hedman on Nov 21, 2017
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Looking back at VincenzoMenanno test (100x Faster – Flight Testing FileMaker Perform Script on Server – Part I – beezwax > blog ) done with FileMaker Server 13 on how much faster Perform Script on Server (PSoS) is compare to local FileMaker Pro Perform Script here are some test results I got from FileMaker 16.


I had a database called Test with 2 tables. Table A with 10000 records and Table B with 0 records. My script did following procedures.


     Export 1000 records from Table A to Temporary Direct in Excel format

     Imported the Excel file with 10000 records to Table B from Temporary Directory

     Used Replace function to set running number for all 10000 records in Table B

     Deleted all 10000 records in Table A (not Truncate table that is even faster)

     Created 10000 records in Table A in a Loop also using Set Field (Field A = numeric) with function Random Number

     Sort 10000 records based on Field A

     Ran ExecuteSQL on Table A on Field A to get all data back in the result (all 10000 records)


With FMP16v3 locally running the tests on my MacBook Pro, 2,5 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB DDR3 with Apple SSD SM0512G.


I put the database Test on four FMS to see what results I could get.


FileMaker Server 16v3 locally (in-house) in Sweden

     Perform Script - 482 seconds

     PSoS - 6 seconds


FileMaker Server 16v3 other host in Sweden

     Perform Script - 612 seconds

     PSoS - 6 seconds


FileMaker Server 16v3 AWS in Germany

     Perform Script - 786 seconds

     PSoS - 6 seconds


I also had a older FileMaker Server 14v3 in Japan, so tried that as well, but running from FMP14v6 at my machine

     Perform Script - 46 minutes

     PSoS - 8 seconds



To my conclusion, I find that FMS16 is way faster then FMS13 and that difference between Perform Script on Server compared to regular Perform Script are so massive that I have to dig into this even further to see how much more I can optimise my solutions.

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