Promoting Cloud by providing Estimated FileMaker Cloud costs in Admin Console

Document created by taylorsharpe on Nov 5, 2017
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This is a follow up to Discussion:  Promoting Cloud by providing Estimated FileMaker Cloud costs in Admin Console



What if the FileMaker Admin console had 3 new columns in the Activity/Databases portal?  One for network bandwidth GB/Month, one for GB since Start up, and one that is an Amazon Cloud Pricing Popover.  Already the Statistics can monitor such things as network KB/s.  If Draco is already doing this, could it also do it for each database?  If so, I envisioned a revision of the Activity/Databases module below where it lists databases and you can click a popover where you choose the Amazon Instance Type and it would use the GB/month to calculate the FileMaker Cloud pricing for you provided you identified the instance type and licensing.  This would give you a real idea how much each database would cost to move to the cloud and I think would promote people with local FileMaker Servers to consider moving to FileMaker Cloud if they had a better idea of the estimated costs.  You may need some more info provided like which AWS region, etc. 


And if this works, maybe you could go one further step and add a button that would take you through the process of automatically moving a database to FileMaker Cloud from the local FileMaker Admin Console. 




The main reasons most of my clients do not move to FileMaker Cloud is they are afraid of the pricing.  They don't have any ballpark idea of what it would cost.  This would really help encourage people to move if they knew an approximate pricing to expect based on their current solutions.

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