OnObjectKeystroke trigger makes navigation keys add characters

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Issue: Fields with OnObjectKeystroke trigger defined may have their values changed merely by pressing navigation keys rapidly or holding them.


Expected behavior: Navigation and editing keys (Insert, Delete, Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, up, down, left, right) should only do what they are supposed to.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a field. Any field. Anywhere.

2. Attach OnObjectKeystroke trigger with any script. (Even blank scripts work.)

3. Press the arrow keys faster than the trigger can fire. Pressing and holding also works if OS key repeat timing is faster than OnObjectKeystroke event firing.

4. Characters will be added depending on the key pressed:


& arrow-up

) arrow-down

% arrow-left

' arrow-right

" PgDn

! PgUp

# End

$ Home

. Delete

- Insert


For an example, see attached file.

FMP Advanced running on Windows 8.


Update 1: It appears the behavior did not persist beyond a program restart. Will keep an eye out to see if this behavior recurs at any point in the future.


Update 2: The behavior is reproducible but it is difficult to get it to trigger. I was able to reproduce in FMP on Windows 8 but only for a short period. It seems easier to trigger the behavior if a large solution is open at the same time.