[UI Tip] Progress Indicator for FileMaker

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This UI technique offers a simple way to reassure the user that something is happening while a long script runs.


It’s a well-known UI principle that when a user must wait for a computer process to finish, a moving indicator on the screen provides reassurance, making the wait more pleasant. Many apps deploy spinners or chasers for this. FileMaker, oddly, has no native spinner or progress bar.  This technique offers an easy solution without plugins, graphics, or extra windows.


How to Deploy


1. Copy and paste the script PROGRESS INDICATOR from the demo file to your solution.


2. Place the merge variable $$_PROGRESS_TEXT anywhere on a layout. It can be free text, a button label, or within conditional formatting.


3. Call the PROGRESS INDICATOR script repeatedly from inside a looping script process. 


The actual rate at which your script loop iterates doesn’t matter; the object animation keeps a steady pace regardless.