FileMaker Developer Days 2018

Document created by DavidBorgnis on May 6, 2018
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Are you looking to up your FileMaker development skills?  Would you like to network with other FileMaker Developers from across Asia Pacific? Would you like to gain some deep insights on the latest version of FileMaker?


DAY 1: Tuesday 22 May

- 12:45pm - 1:30pm REGISTRATION

- FileMaker under the hood - Wesley Powell, FileMaker Inc.

- A History of Dynamic Layout Techniques - Ray Cologon, NightWing Enterprises

- FileMaker Themes and Styles for Performance - David Head, uLearnIT

- Optimising Calculations - Kent Lendrum, KAMAR

- Tools to speed up development - Daniel Wood, Digital Fusion


DAY 2: Wednesday 23 May

- FileMaker Inc. - Industry and business update - Brad Freitag, FIleMaker Inc.

- FileMaker Cloud Options, Protocols and Setup - Katherine Russell, NightWing Enterprises

- Perform Script on Server - Kent Lendrum, KAMAR

- cURL in the wild : how one button gave us a giant toolbox - Salvatore Colangelo, Goya

- Data API for reporting - Stephen Baker, Digital Fusion

- Design and optimising for iOS and leverage iOS SDK - James Currie, Digital Fusion

- Thinking beyond sync, and what that means for how you develop your mobile solution - Nick Orr, Goya

- Data Migration Tool and development methodologies - Craig Saunders, Digital Fusion

- Is my solution a product and how do I take it there - Kent Lendrum, KAMAR and Nick Orr, Goya