Using Sensors in FM Go

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Have been waiting for 4 yrs to be able to do this with FM Go. That is, access the sensors in with FM Go, and finally here we have. I Offer the attached file

for your use.


Duration:             How long to collect data in Sec.

Interval:               Install on Timer Script interval in Sec.

GPS_Fact.:          I use a fraction of the Interval, divide the Interval by this factor, as the “TimeOut” for the Location function (Latitude, Longitude).

Accuracy:            Accuracy in meters for the Location function.

UTC Time Adj.:    Factor to convert the TimeStamp of Get ( CurrentTimeUTCMilliseconds ) to local time.


My current wish is that the Sensors function could work much faster. Currently, Intervals about 1 sec is the shortest that results in my iPhone 8+. That is,

using Interval times less than 1 Sec does not result in shorter timestamps.


NOTE: Have updated the file, now it can collect data down to 0.5 sec intervals. That is 2 samples per sec. Still wish it could go faster.